FI Inch Series Ball Joint

Body and ball stud Low carbon steel. Case hardened.
Inner retaining ring Hard drawn spring steel to SAE1070 or equivalent

Protective Finish:
Body and ball stud Zinc plated, de-embrittled and passivated.
Inner retaining clip Self-color. The assembly is lubricated.

  • SAE J 490 style 4 Ball Joints
  • Ball stud is retained by a hardened and tempered steel ring resulting in high pull-out load. There is an optional gaiter available to help resist dirt ingress.
  • If a fitted gaiter is required then the suffix “G should be added to the part number. E.g FIG10.
  • The FI Ball Joint is ideal for severe wear conditions and is also resistant to vibration and high shock loading.
  • Metric sizes of this range are also available.


Part NoThread UNF ABCDEFHJKLMQBall Dia ØWeight Per
100 in Kgs
FI 2501/41.2190.9690.5000.2810.3750.4370.4690.2171.2500.3750.5620.3062.3
FI 3125/161.4061.1250.5620.2810.4370.5000.5310.2371.4690.4370.6870.3443.4
FI 3753/81.6871.3750.7500.3120.5000.6250.6870.2721.8750.5000.8750.4166.5
FI 5001/22.3751.9371.0000.3120.6250.7500.8750.3722.3750.6251.1250.55513.7