IBJ Metric Series Ball Joint

Body Low carbon steel. Case hardened.
Ball stud Medium carbon steel, ball is induction hardened.
Inner retaining clip and safety clip Hard drawn spring steel.

Protective Finish:
Body, ball stud and inner retaining clip Zinc plated and passivated; ball stud and ring are de-embrittled. The assembly is lubricated.

  • Din 71802 Series
  • The Ball stud is retained by a captive internal wire retaining ring which makes this ball joint suitable for transmitting push and pull loads. The hexagon form on body (spanner flats on part IBJ 12) and spanner flats on ball stud facilitate assembly.
  • The extensive load carrying capacity is achieved by the self locking action of the inner retaining ring, angular misalignment can be accommodated.
  • For improved wear resistance, the ball is induction hardened.
  • The IBJ Ball Joint is supplied with a fitted gaiter to resist ingress of contaminants.


Part No Thread ISO A CDEFGHJMNQWeight Per
100 in Kgs
IBJ 5M5 x 0.82210.25712.8897810.21.4
IBJ 6M6 x 1.02511.57914.8101181012.52.3
IBJ 8M8 x 1.253014.091119.31313111316.54.7
IBJ 10M10 x 1.53515.591324.01616131620.09.2
IBJ 12M12 x 1.753515.591324.01616131620.09.2
IBJ 14M14 x 1.54521.5121930.02020171928.019.7
IBJ 14/1M14 x 2.04521.5121930.02020171928.019.7