DMG Metric Series Ball Joint

Body and ball stud Low carbon steel.. Ball stud is case hardened.

Protective Finish:
Body and ball stud Zinc plated and passivated; ball stud is de-embrittled. The assembly is lubricated.

  • These are Metric equivalents to SAE J490 Style 1.
  • The swaging of the body produces a permanent assembly and the fitted gaiter helps resist dirt ingress. The hexagon form of studs facilitates assembly.
  • Inch sizes of this range are also available.
  • Subject to quantity, special threaded bodies and ball studs are available. Please contact us.


Part No Thread BCDEFHJKLMQBall Dia ØWeight per
100 in Kgs
DM6M6 x 1.033.3251479.51112531101492.60
DM8M8 x 1.2539.72915711.013146381118104.20
DM10M10 x 1.546.03521814.016187481322127.20