CBJ Metric Series Ball Joint

Body Low carbon steel..
Ball stud Medium carbon steel, ball is induction hardened.
Inner retaining ring and safety clip Hard drawn spring steel.

Protective Finish: Zinc plated and passivated. Ball Stud, inner retaining ring and safety clip are de-embrittled. The assembly is lubricated.

  • Based upon Din Standard 71802
  • The ball stud is retained by a captive internal wire ring with additional stud retention security provided by the external wire safety clip.
  • For improved wear resistance, the ball is induction hardened and there is an optional gaiter available to help resist dirt ingress.
  • If a fitted gaiter is required then the suffix “G should be added to the part number. E.g CBJG10.
  • CBJ Ball Joints are also available without stud for later assembly on to a pre-positioned stud.
  • Compatible with Threaded Ball Studs and Rivetting Ball Studs.
  • Stainless Steel Ball Joints are also available, please contact us for details.


Part NoABCDEFGHJKLMNPQBall ØWeight per 100 in Kgs
CBJ5M5 x 0.828.42210.25712.889425.478M5 x 0.810.281.3
CBJ6M6 x 1.032.42511.57914.81011530.4810M6 x 1.012.5102.2
CBJ8M8 x 1.2539.63014.091119.313136.538.61113M8 x 1.2516.5134.5
CBJ10M10 x 1.547.03515.591324.01616847.01316M10 x 1.520.0168.6
CBJ12M12 x 1.7547.03515.591324.01616847.01316M12 x 1.7520.0168.6