QRI Inch Series Ball Joint

Body, shield and ball stud Low carbon steel.Body and ball stud are case hardened.
Spring 302 S 26 stainless steel or equivalent.

Protective Finish:
Body, shield and ball stud Zinc plated and passivated; body and ball stud de-embrittled. The assembly is lubricated.

  • SAE J 940 Style 1 Quick Release Ball Joints
  • The spring loaded outer shield allows both rapid release and reconnection of the ball stud. Linkage assemblies can be installed or removed without disturbing pre-set centres.
  • The QRI Ball Joint is available without the ball stud for assembly to a pre-positioned ball stud and the ball studs are also available separately.
  • Knurled shields to assist grip are available as an option
  • Metric sizes of this range are also available


Part NoThread UNF ABCDGHJKLMQBall Dia ØWeight Per
100 in Kgs
QRI 18710-321.1020.9060.4370.4370.3100.4680.1711.1250.3120.4370.2501.7
QRI 2501/41.1870.9690.5000.5120.3700.5000.1941.3120.3750.5620.3112.5
QRI 312 5/161.5621.2500.5620.6290.4390.5940.2281.5940.4370.6870.3394.8
QRI 3753/81.9371.5621.0620.7500.5560.7190.2691.9690.5000.8750.4217.8