PI Inch Series Ball Joint

Body and ball stud Low carbon steel. Case hardened.
Clip CS70 carbon steel strip, hardened and tempered, equivalent SAE 1070.

Protective Finish:
Body and ball stud Zinc plated, de-embrittled and passivated. The assembly is lubricated.

  • SAE J 490 Style 1 Ball Joints
  • The PI Series is Lightweight and slim line. To resist wear, the ball stud and body cavity are both case hardened. The spring clip allows the ball stud to be easily disconnected or re-assembled during installation. The Hexagon form of the studs facilitate assembly.
  • The PI Ball Joint is available without the ball stud for assembly on to a pre-positioned ball stud and the ball studs are also available separately.
  • Metric sizes of this range are also available.


Part NoThread UNF ABCDHJKLMQBall Dia ØWeight Per
100 in Kgs
PI 18710-321.1560.8750.4840.3120.4200.1381.0320.3120.4370.2501.30
PI 187/110-321.1560.8750.4840.3120.4200.1381.1560.3120.5620.2501.40
PI 2501/41.2500.9690.5310.3120.4200.1381.1560.3120.5620.2501.30
PI 250/11/41.2500.9690.5310.3120.4200.1381.0320.3120.4370.2501.20
PI 3125/161.1870.8750.4840.3940.5370.1771.3120.4370.5620.3127.20